Our handmade terracotta pavers not only offer unparalleled beauty, but they also offer incredible durability

Terracotta Flooring & Pavers

Italian terracotta flooring from Impruneta has been used for centuries in Italy for both interior and exterior applications.  You will find ‘cotto’ in Italian farmhouses, villas, town squares, and many other settings such as sidewalks and patios.  Our handmade pavers not only offer unparalleled beauty, but they also offer incredible durability;  making it is an ideal material even for areas with heavy traffic.  These are all made by hand, which is evidenced by the slight variation and movement in each piece, giving a warm, old world feel to your home or project.

About Terracotta from Impruneta

The world’s finest terracotta pots come from Impruneta, a small village nestled in the Tuscan hills a few kilometers from Florence, Italy. Blessed with clay that is naturally rich in iron, copper, calcium, and aluminum, the town has been well known for its exceptional quality terracotta and craftsmanship for centuries. Hard gray earth is mined from the surrounding hills, ground to a powder, and mixed with water to make this coarse bodied clay. It develops its renown pale, terracotta color after the firing process and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. Our Impruneta terracotta pots from are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee against frost. Terracotta planters from Impruneta are frost resistant to -22°F. This, along with the hand of a skilled artisan, makes the Impruneta collection the absolute best available. Impruneta pots, planters, urns, and olive jars will last a lifetime when properly cared for.


If you have more questions about our terracotta flooring, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to answer any questions that you may have.