You have many choices regarding what types of pots to plant your flowers and other plants in. While plastic and ceramic may be cheaper and offer a greater variety in styles and colors, there’s good reason terra cotta flower pots continue to be among the most popular options. Discover the many benefits of choosing terra cotta for your plants.

A Unique Look

When someone mentions terra cotta flower pots, you likely get a vision of the orange color of the clay when these pots are new. However, one of the attractive features of these pots is they do change over time. Water can stain the pots, as can exposure to the sun and other elements. This gives terra cotta a unique look that changes as the years pass. Many people enjoy this weathered look.

The Weight

Another advantage many people enjoy with terra cotta flower pots is their weight. While this can make it difficult to move them around, especially when full, it can provide an advantage if you choose to use them outside. Wind and creatures can easily knock over lighter pots, making a mess and potentially killing your plants. With a heavy terra cotta pot, this is no longer a concern.

A Layer of Humidity

People may not love humidity, but plants do. When you choose terra cotta for your plants, they will enjoy the extra advantage of moisture. Any excess water you introduce to the soil will be absorbed by the porous clay. As the soil dries, the water will create a humidity barrier that helps keep your plants watered and healthy.

If you’re looking for the best high-quality terra cotta flower plants made from Italian clay, contact us. We carry a variety of options to best suit your needs.