Terra cotta pots are one of the most iconic staples of gardening and a sight that is associated with all varieties of potted plants. You associate these iconic pots with their role as planters in both outdoor and indoor settings, but the reality is that their versatility extends much further than this. There truly is a wealth of different things that you can use terra cotta clay pots for. These are some key points you should know about terra cotta pots and their different uses.

The Benefits of These Versatile Pots

It is useful to know about the extensive number of positives that terra cotta pots offer. These versatile pots are great for both indoor and outdoor uses and can be used for an extensive variety of plants. They are also great as planters for cacti. Terra cotta pots are porous, and this allows for both water and air to be able to move through their walls effectively.

One of the Most Versatile Planter Options

From potting up cuttings and seedlings to planting a variety of plants and cacti, terra cotta pots are loved for good reason. They make an outstanding choice whenever you need a great planter.

There Are Many Other Uses for Terra Cotta Clay Pots

You know about the versatility of terra cotta pots when it comes to their use as planters, but you might be surprised about the other great uses that they can be put to. If you have a crafty spirit, there are many ways to use terra cotta pots. You might use them as unique candle holders, or to make a DIY bird feeder. These are just a few of the unique ways that these pots can be transformed.