There’s something charming about a clay pot. Perhaps it’s the earthy appeal of clay that speaks to us. After all, clay has been used for thousands upon thousands of years to hold food, water and on some level, as decoration. However, these days you are far more likely to see plants in plastic pots than in clay. That’s a bit of a shame because there are numerous distinct advantages clay has over plastic beyond the fact terra cotta is simply a much more beautiful choice than ordinary plastic.

Plant Health

Far more than just an aesthetic choice, terra cotta clay pots are also a healthy choice for plants. Terra cotta pots are a natural choice that helps regulate the amount of water that circulates within the soil, while water in a plastic pot tends to dry out far too fast, leaving plants to dry out. While terra cotta pots won’t leave a plant’s soil looking drenched, neither will it leave a plant to dry out over time. It really is the best choice for regulating moisture within a plant’s soil.


When you keep plants outside, it’s only natural they will be facing a few bumps and perhaps even a few falls, whether from weather or from children and pets. One of the great advantages of terra cotta clay pots is they provide much better protection than plastic pots. Plastic cracks easily, while good, solid clay won’t even chip or break easily with a minor fall. This way, you can be sure your plants are in good shape and nothing is going to happen to them until you decide to move or replant them on your own.

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