There are endless numbers of ways you can improve the exterior of your home. From planting a garden to building a fire pit, adding lawn ornaments and using decorative plant pots, updating your home’s exterior looks aesthetically beautiful and increases the value of your house.

Some of the most versatile outdoor accessories for your home or garden are clay plant pots. Clay plant pots come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some clay pots even feature embossed designs, logos, and other ornate details. Clay planters can be positioned outside of the gateway to your flower garden. Baby trees can be planted in a large clay pot and placed near your deck, patio or porch for aesthetic appeal. Topiary trees look regal and inviting when placed in clay pots and positioned on either side of your front or back door. Large urn pots can be filled with sand, planted with trees or filled with birch branches from your birch tree and placed around your property.

Clay plant pots are also very durable and resistant to rain, snow, sleet, frost, heat, wind and other inclement weather. There is an immeasurable number of retailers, home and garden centers and home improvement stores that carry large clay plant pots. Tuscan Imports,, has been offering authentic, top-quality Italian clay pots since 1998. In addition to offering competitive pricing and sourcing the absolute best clay pots from the Italian regions of Impruneta and Siena, Tuscan Imports offers trade discounts to qualifying companies. The online catalog, top-notch customer service and competitive pricing offered by Tuscan Imports draws in loyal customers from all over the globe. Some of the country’s most notable hotels and landscapers utilize Tuscan Imports clay pots for all of their outdoor home renovations and upgrade projects.