While gardening is a rewarding pastime, you should consider numerous details before you make it a permanent hobby. First, how will you house your plants? Choosing a container for your plants is actually one of the most important steps to starting your gardening journey. Simply planting them into the dirt may seem like the simplest answer, but this can make the actual task of caring for your plants much more challenging. You may not have the right dirt to nurture specific plants or you may want to freely transport your plants in- and outdoors. Regardless of your exact circumstances, terracotta planters easily prove to be the best option for most gardeners for the following reasons.

They’re Sturdy, But Easy to Work With

If you’re going to use pottery for your planting needs, you must make sure you pick the most reliable material. The plastic pots your plants come in upon purchase typically won’t do the job; they’re much too flimsy and won’t give your plants the support they need over time. As your plant grows, a plastic container will likely prove unable to support its weight. This isn’t the case with terracotta planters, which can easily hold upright to support large plants, while also remaining easy to lift and carry as needed.

Terracotta Planter for trees
Our decorative, double rimmed terracotta planters come in a variety of sizes. Here is a smaller sized terracotta planter that is ideal for backyards and balconies.
Our larger sized, decorative, double rimmed, terracotta planters are the perfect match for tress planted in an urban or rural landscape.

They’re Affordable

Terracotta planters are one of the most cost-effective gardening materials around. You can find them in an array of designs and sizes. Due to their composition, they are guaranteed to last, especially in comparison to plastic and other potting materials. This saves you a considerable amount of money since you won’t have to run out to buy replacement pottery as your plants grow.

They Keep Your Plants Safe

Terracotta planters help plants thrive. This is due to being predominantly composed of clay, which not only provides your plants with plenty of natural breathing room, but also keeps out harmful amounts of hot and cold air. It even absorbs excess water, meaning the possibility of overwatering is slim to none.

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